Additional inscriptions and stone lettering.

New inscriptions, additional names added, stone lettering and ornamentation.

New headstone inscriptions

As part of our memorial services we add additional inscriptions to existing headstones. All our equipment is mobile so we can work on your headstone in the cemetery. Great care is taken to match the new lettering font, style and size with the original. We have had state of the art CNC letter cutting machines since 1991. We also have full design facilities on site. We can supply mock-up drawing either emailed or otherwise before any engraving is commenced. This will ensure all details are correct before engraving onto the monument in the cemetery. Usually, we can renovate the entire monument face while adding an inscription. The cost is included in the inscription fee and the extra effort adds hugely to the finished job.

Rock, boulder, house and business signage.

We also inscribe rocks and boulders in situ for house names and business signage. We specialize in all stone lettering and ornamentation.

Re-inscribing and correcting inscription errors.

It is also possible to remove and re-inscribe lettering on limestone and some polished granite headstones. This is sometimes required due to weathering, repeated cleaning or an error in the lettering.  We can inspect the monument and advise on best course of action. We can correct errors in headstone lettering in a lot of cases. Another option is to re-face the entire memorial and inscribe a totally new inscription. This is usually the best option for black granite. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to get an acceptable finish on black. Any depression on a polished black granite face will be quite obvious.

We are always fully insured and safety compliant for your peace of mind.

We are fully insured and safety compliant to work in city and county cemeteries local authority, church or otherwise.

No matter how careful we all are, it is inevitable that errors can crop up now and then. We are also memorial suppliers and so are in a position to rectify any mistakes that might slip through.